Susan Doherty Artist
For the last 3 decades the rainforest in Far North Queensland was home.  I’m now on a new journeyed having relocated to the cold of the New England Tablelands. Life is a journey and I’m loving it, along with the constant of my art practice. The re-purposing of found objects continues in my sculptural practice, making small comments on our consumer world. The techniques I use are often unconventional, and always evolving. My journey of collecting and creating art work pays homage to the playful joy of making and using visuals to share my story. Combining the organic and man-made blending, stitching, weaving and wrapping is often a signature of my art practice.  Much of my inspiration coming from the natural world, with the immense beauty of our Australian bush. My art practice has taken me to the far corners of the world to study  (India, Vietnam and Indonesia) and Artist in Residence at the Burren College of Art, Ireland, where i am returning to this year for another residency in Kerry Ireland. 

collecting deconstructing and reconstructing